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Privacy Policy The information I hold about my clients and why I need it.

Revised: 13th July 2020


Nothing has changed about how your information is processed, rather I have improved the way I describe my practices. In this Privacy Policy, I will explain what information I collect about you, how I use it and how I store it. Who I am:  Holistic Hands of Purbeck, Wool, Dorset BH20 6BL.

In this Privacy Policy, any references to “I” or “myself” refers to Holistic Hands of Purbeck. At Holistic Hands of Purbeck, I take the privacy of my clients very seriously and only use the information I hold to provide a professional and caring service to my clients. Under no circumstances do I share or sell the information I hold for any other purpose than providing my professional services to my clients.

From time to time it is necessary to share information with other therapists internally at the clinics I work at for medical reasons to ensure treatments are not contraindicated in any way. At any time, you may request a copy of information I have recorded about you, and you may also request I remove and delete the information I hold on yourself by contacting our salon data handler (myself), by emailing for salon insurance purposes we need to retain your information for 3 years. If you have not had a treatment with me in three years, it is my policy to delete and destroy safely all information I hold on you, and upon your return to my practice(s) you will be required to complete a new form with terms and conditions attached (or sent via email if we have your permission to do so).

What information do I collect from you. I ask all clients to complete information when receiving a treatment from me. This enables me to perform the treatment with all the information and knowledge I require to ensure your treatment is safe, suitable, and enjoyable for yourself.

• I hold your name and Date of Birth. I require your date of birth to confirm you are suitable for certain treatments. I may also use it to identify you if there is more than one person with the same name.

• I may hold your address. I require this to post out gift card purchases made by yourself. I may also use it to identify you if there is more than one person with the same name.

• I hold your phone numbers and email address I require this to confirm your appointments and advise of any changes or requirements prior to your appointment. I will also use your phone number to send SMS appointment reminders (see below for further information). Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure you check your gift card expiry date and use it by the date given.


Depending on the service(s) you ask me to provide to you, I may be required to ask questions and record information regarding your medical history, for example, I may ask if you have any allergies or if you have reacted to any beauty products or massage oils in the past. To ensure your safety and suitability of your treatment, I may ask about recent surgeries, illnesses, injuries, conditions and existing medications.


Appointment confirmations and reminders:  I will contact you by phone, email or SMS to confirm your appointments. As per our terms and conditions, we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel or change an appointment with us. Less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a full charge for your missed treatment. As a helpful reminder to avoid cancellation charges, I offer SMS and email reminders. I consider your having made an appointment with me, that you consent to us using your details to undertake this activity. If you wish to opt-out of SMS reminders, you may do so at any time by contacting me.

Marketing: My marketing campaigns are automated and use rules based on previous treatments you have enjoyed with me or products you have bought from me. I may send marketing campaigns related to your birthday, the fact I have missed you (if you haven’t visited for a while) and special events. You can opt out of receiving this at any time by contacting me.

Data storage: I use a secure leading software within Holistic Hands of Purbeck (Ovatu). The software is used only by Holistic Hands of Purbeck staff. Paper copies of your signed forms are held within our building in a secure locked cabinet.

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