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🤩🙌Double Celebration Day!!! 🙌

Firstly, a BIG Happy birthday to my not so little little business these days, Holistic Hands of Purbeck is 4 today!!

I’m so chuffed and proud of how it has grown over the past 4 years, despite covid and the many challenges and shit storms this year has bought along with it too….I have ran my own salons and holistic businesses for over 16 years now, and this has been by far been my most treasured venture of them all.

I couldn’t have done it without the huge amount of support I’ve had from clients, family, friends, and my own bull headed drive and determination!! Very proud.

Thankyou to you all for making my coastal dreams come true, very happy with all the decisions we made to head south west, no regrets in the slightest. Bring on the next year and the oodles of ideas I have!!

Secondly (and what a day for it!!) I have received the keys for my NEW salon when I start back at work at the end of October I will be in a new location, not far from wool. Here is a little teaser of my new beautiful and tranquil space for you. I promise more information will be coming soon…..

My award winning holistic business has now moved onto bigger and better times

We have lots to do, but I’m hoping it will look lovely for you all very soon

Another huge Thankyou to everyone who helped move me in this weekend, I’m so extremely grateful to everyone who’s helped where I’ve been so restricted in what I could do.

Much love,

Naomi xx


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