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Holistic Hands of Purbeck - Treatment Prices Autumn 2022

Dear Clients,

As you know I had a very small price increase in my services back in April 2022, this was the first increase in 3 years since starting the business.

I wanted to pre advise all of my clients that due to the continued price rises in utilities, petrol, products and services which I use for the business, I am going to need to review my prices carefully and there will be another small increase in my services this autumn. None of the individual treatments that I offer will rise more than £2 each, and some treatments may remain at the same cost. My prices will then be reviewed in March next year ready for the new financial year ahead.

Please be rest assured that I am still doing everything I can to provide top level treatments that remain good value for money based on my extensive experience as a practitioner, coupled with the excellent aftercare, refreshments, and time which I dedicate to each of my clients. No one is ever rushed in my care, and I still provide enough turn around time (at my own cost) to enable my clients to feel refreshed, relaxed, and not rushed after their treatments with me. Many salons don't offer this service, but I feel it is important to continue this in my role as a Holistic Practitioner, even though this does in turn limit how many clients I can treat within a day.

Please note: There are two treatments on the chocoholic's choice menu which will rise by £5 as of immediate effect. These were not increased in April due to an administrative error. These prices will be updated on the Holistic hands of Purbeck website and booking system this week.

Thank you once again for your continued loyalty to Holistic Hands of Purbeck, your custom and support to my small business doesn't go unnoticed, and I am grateful to you all.

Much love,

Naomi Xx


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